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Domestic Registrations & Waitlist

RBRA Waitlist


Looking to play but cannot find a team? Put your name the RBRA waitlist. If a team has a vacancy, you will be contacted by that team directly.

Player Fill In Registration




Player fill-in voucher link is now closed and will re-open for Winter 2024 once grading is completed.

  • Please click on this link if an existing team has asked you to fill in for their game

  • This voucher can only be used once 

  • Voucher expires in 6 days

  • Fill-in vouchers can only be purchased a maximum of twice per season

  • Once purchased twice, the player must then register to that team prior to playing the third game

  • Fill-in players RBRA registered or not may only play in ‘1’ team in any grade


Individual Team 

Registration Link



  • Independent team registration for the 2024 Winter Season has now closed

  • Team entry may be considered based on the number of teams already entered into the grades

  •  For all competition entry queries, please email:

Note: Keep an eye out for our Summer 2024-25 team nominations. will go live here and on our social media in August 2024

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