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Behind The Scenes


Do you know what been happening behind the scenes with our development pathway?


Read below and see what our High-Performance team have been working on for our development pathway for 2023.


Rockingham Flames in 2023, will be running Participation Academy’s. These will be skill based development sessions for all registered RBRA domestic players held by our very own NBL1 West players.


The team is excited to be the heading coaching for our brand new Rockingham Flames Academy. This academy will be an invite only academy for Division 1 and 2 WABL players.


This academy will look at  

  • Skill development

  • Strength and conditioning 

  • Nutrition for the athlete 

  • Sports psychology 

  • Individual development plans for each athlete 

  • Athletic Performance Development ( with Darrell Morgan)

_SI15739 copy.jpg

We will also have a High Performance Service Pathway.  This means our WABL athletes in the Academy will be identified and invited into the Rockingham Flames NBL1 West development program. This will be in consolation with HPM and the NBL1 West Rockingham Flames coaches. 

And Finally, we are looking at the management and support of contracted NBL1 west players. Using a holistic approach with regard to player development on and off the court. Incorporating individual and team goal setting plans, individual skill development plans, sports psychology in managing performance anxiety. This way we create a winning culture on and off the court.

Camp photo_edited.jpg

As an association we are committed to developing our players, with both Skill and Athletic Development, as well as the players well being and Mental Health Development.


As you can see behind the scenes there is a mountain of work being carried out to develop all our players, from Domestic through to NBL1, and we couldn’t be more excited to share this with you, our Flames Family!


All this plus much more is set to be rolled and delivered in 2023!! 

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