Season will commence on Tuesday 26th April,

breaking for the July school holidays.


The season will run as an 18 week season plus finals.


There will be a grading tournament – dates & fixtures to come.


Team Nominations will be closed on Friday the 1st of April.

Please note: Mouthguards are compulsory for ALL U8- U18 players.

RBA3 (1).JPG

Please note the ages for each Division – Players playing in the wrong age group will be disqualified and each game played for that team will be recorded as a forfeit. It is the responsibility of the club to ensure all your players are playing in the correct age group. When using the player to team link there is no way for RBRA to monitor player ages until the season has started and reports can be run –


  • ALL players, including WABL players, must play in the grade determined by their year of birth

  • ALL players, including WABL players, may in addition to the competition determined by year of birth choose to play up one grade. To be clear, if a player is to play up, they must first be playing in their grade determined by birth year. 

  • Players cannot play up a division within their grade, for example a 12b grade player cannot play up into 12a grade.

  • Players cannot play up more than one grade above their birth grade, for example an under 12 player by year of birth may also play in under 14’s, but cannot play in under 16’s as this is more than 1 grade above their birth grade.

Please note: days and venues may be subject to change depending on volume of teams registered to each competition. 

Junior teams will receive trophies as per normal for Grand Finals. (U8 / U10 will receive participation medals.) We will be doing All Star 5 and MVP Awards.

Any Questions regards Winter 2022 please email – admin@rockinghamflames.com.au.


Winter 2022 Fees

Associate membership payments are as normal of $50 per player to be paid upon player registration, please note some members may need to renew their BWA membership of $36.75 for the year, if it expires during the Winter season.


Team Fees

$1,610 per team (Senior and Junior) to be made in two payments

$400 when registering and $1,210 by Friday 27th of May 2021 (teams will not take the court the following week if payment has not been made)


Please note that no byes will be paid out for the Winter season, however, we will try to minimise them as much as possible. Unfortunately, this is just part of the domestic season and cannot be avoided completely.



Anyone wanting to use Kidsport MUST  forward the code with the Childs name, DOB as well as the childs team to their team manager or club contact to submit to the bookkeeper. 

Any team that is using Kidsport vouchers MUST contact the bookkeeper PRIOR to making the second payment.



The WABL Player rules this season will be –

  • Teams can have 3 in age restricted players and 2 restricted players from the age group below

Trial of changes to restricted players in girls competition only

  • Girls who are playing WABL and are playing in Division 1-3 of WABL will be classed as restricted players

  • Girls who are playing in Division 4 and below for WABL will not be classed as restricted players

Senior Bonds

Senior bonds will still be $200 per team, with $100 being forfeited each time an individual is ejected or found guilty at tribunal. Please note once your bond has been forfeited another will need to be paid before your team can retake the court again.

Bonds ONLY (no other payments) are to be paid into:


BSB : 016010

ACC: 308119593

Teams must email, bookkeeper@rockinghamflames.com.au if they wish to request a return of their bond at the end of season. Bonds will be rolled over to the next season unless a return is requested.


Fill In Players

During the season your team is eligible to bring in fill in players if you are short. This temporary registration will last for 1 week and costs $10. Please note that you can bring in a player who is not registered with our organisation – they must fill out the registration form and show the receipt to the court controller. The player must be the correct age or one age group lower.

If the player is already playing in the RBRA competition, they are able to fill in without completing the registration form. Although this player can NOT be from the same age group, they must be from the Age Group below and ‘Play up’.


Should COVID19 force our association to go into lock down and cancel games, there will be “NO REFUND” for games lost unless otherwise recommended by the Domestic Committee and approved by the RBRA Board. 


If you have players moving forward from a different Winter 2021 team for Summer 2021/2022, players must obtain a player clearance from the previous team manager/ club prior to registering.



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