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RBRA Referee Program


At Rockingham our referee pathway is divided into different stages that has clear descriptors for what referees need to achieve as they aspire to move through the different groups and thier next next step. For more information on this, please see the Referees Pathway Document attached. 


At Rockingham we also have our dedicated leadership team who work tirelessly with our referees on the floor to improve their refereeing skills. Our senior officials who are apart of this team share the roles of supervising referees throughout shifts, educate referees during games, deal with on-court complaints, and supervise our game nights on a weekly basis. Our leadership team are there to help and will step on the court when necessary to provide appropriate support to our aspiring referees. Our leadership team includes some of the most dedicated members to our club, referees who have been through the system, and all aspire to continually improve our referee program. To meet the team please see theLeadership Team Document attached below.


Looking to get started with us? Your first step is to attend an Association Beginner Course (available courses can be found in the Referee Courses tab). Once you have obtianed you certificate, please email to join our shadow referee waitlist.


Shadow Referee (green shirt) - this is where you bgeing training/runnin with a senior referee on games. They will provide instructions regarding positioning and the rules, and show you the ropes of refereeing. As you gain more confidence each week, the senior referee will slowly give you more control of a game until they are confident in your abilites to handle a game on your own. A shadow can be at different stages, from running with a senior, to refereeing by themselves with a qualified referee at the other end.


Grey Shirt Referee - our Rockingham Flames grey referee shirts represent those referees who have demonstrated acceptbale understanding of the game. The level of these referees ranges from coming fresh from shadowing, through to years of refereeing.


Black and White Striped Shirt Referees - these referees range in accreditation from being freshly level 1, through to level 1 advanced, and we even have some level 2/3 referees who do NBL1 games. They have completed the necessary courses for their accreditations and have refereed at many WABL tournaments over the years.

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